What kind of Community do we need in the Crypto Age?


  • Yes, it is also a question asked to me, to decide maybe in the next decades which area I should embrace and enjoy.
  • The Crypto Age is beginning with Bitcoin, and someone says, it was affected and inspired by the book .
  • Yes, I create a word, Crypto Age, like Industrial Age, Information Age.

Individuals are the leading actors

  • It is the cornerstone of the topic we are talking about. it is a conclusion.
  • But how did they organize themselves?
  • You will tell me: DAO.
  • Yes, but DAO is also a kind of community, and it must be suitable for me, a developer with a belief in Crypto.
  • The pop-up news of many crypto platforms appeared on my screen: XXX Capital invest XXX billion$ on XXX product or project.
  • I have semi-pride and semi-jealousy: the Crypto I admired becomes more and more important, But we, the normal ones or developers, are onlookers.
  • We need more actions and more active engagement.
  • Then we have been an early bird DeGen of Crypto Age, became a leading actor.

Communities are the main entities of the Crypto Age

  • The main way for developers to join this game, is through the community participating and constructing.
  • The firms have money and resources, but they have the desire of controlling also, it a fatal weakness.
  • Community has the consensus, which builds buy the smart contract and interaction onchain.
  • But you can give an idea and call up some men to build the future you imagine.
  • A good Community needs time to build, like the Crypto mailing list, which produces the Bitcoin.
  • I DO NOT think we, individuals, and communities can build the future without the addition of capital.
  • But we can make the rules, we are the leading roles!
  • I give my utmost respect to the capital with a neutral stance.

What stage are we in?

  • Early-stage lack of participation and construction.
  • The eve of the outbreak in Web3, so many areas and constructions to be planned and built.
  • Yes, you can see many many projects published the valuation and financing with billions of dollars.
  • But, the core logic of Web3 is to share the benefits with users, not all the revenue belongs to the giants.
  • You can see What is about Web3 here.
  • Simply I think Web3 is the Internet of the Crypto Age, like the Electric Power in the Industrial Age.
  • Web3 is important, very important, but it is not the end of the Crypto Age.
  • It will bear many new conceptions and upgrades like Defi、GameFi、DID、Metaverse、Asset3.

What kind of Community do we need?

    1. For whom are desire to contribute to the Crypto Age's Infrastructure.
  • Don't trust, verify.
    1. To make DeGen people acquire easily participation and construction.
  • Supply chain of DeGen life.
    1. It is a slef-motivation and slef-stimulate mechanism and organization.
  • You do, you earn with a Circulation.

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