jLab: A Fast DApp Development Flow named FDDF-1



  • How can we win the Web3 innovation campaigns?
  • Fast
  • Accumulation
  • Iteration

What about FDDF?

  • It is a Fast DApp Development Flow, to fulfill the Web3 engineering requirements.
  • It comes from the Web2 Soft Engineering procedure and is mutant into the Web3 adapter.
  • You will get the Fast R&D speed and Architecture could be Iteration and Stable Accumulations.
  • See this:

FDDF Diagram-jLab.drawio.png

  • If you want to know more, find my channel on youtube, see the video.
  • Or I will use this logic method to develop a gNFT(Growth NFT) system to show the practice.
  • Follow me and see more Web3 development methods and practices!
  • Graph see here FDDF