Soul of Web3: how about community and SBT?


We are running on the way toward to DeSoc, trying to find some beautiful scenarios. All we thinking about is not only from the paper, but also the living status within the Community.

The old rules: " TAO can be known, but it may not be the well-known TAO"

If we put the TAO of Web3 into the conception of SOUL, it may be known and spread easily, but we can jump out of this and think about it again.

I am active in some communities, what has touched me deeply was two factors: the strong and complex willness and the poor coordination mechanisms. We do not have some basic sidewalk to follow, can only explore the way with blind eyes. It is not a curse to the community, but the feeling of several communities.


I want to change something be little better.

I make some assumptions that may not be correct, but we must build the mechanism based on some cornerstones.

截屏2022-06-30 下午4.09.32.png

截屏2022-06-30 下午4.10.09.png


Let me give a description for these:

  1. DeSoc has two parts: the real world and the DIGITWINS.
  2. DeSoc consists of many components.
  3. The components play the role of maintaining the mechanisms to be running normally.
  4. We call the DIGITWINS Web3 world.
  5. We build some values of Web3: Permissionless, Trustless, Decentralization.

  1. If there is a digital mirror world , it is related to the real world through independent people.
  2. That person, as the only Objet that appears in two worlds, is manifested as flesh in the real world and *DIGIEGO * in the digital mirror world.
  3. Soul of Web3, VB defines Soul, which is technically a kind of Account, which brings together the relationships of individuals in the real world and others.
  4. From the perspective of the community, each individual can set up his own *Community SBT Basket to record events/relationships *.
  5. Basket is a container defined by the community , which consists of the community's Account, Seal, and the SBT signed jointly.

  1. The digital world allows an Object, both here and there (quantum world? ).
  2. We build series terms: Community Basket, SBT with Seal, and Jifens, to extend the Soul and make it into Community practice.

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