How to help high-inflation countries with Crypto?

一位朋友发了这篇文章链接: 刚好自己也在思考钱包的创建和使用的更泛化的可能场景,就记录一下看完文章的笔记和思考。

Things that Venezuela lacked back then — reliable internet, mass smartphone adoption and basic security in the street to be able to use it — exist in Buenos Aires today. The place, and the time, is perfect for crypto. And yet I didn't see that much of it.



Nearly 51% of Argentine consumers have purchased it, according to a survey conducted by Americas Market Intelligence. That was up from only about 12% that was seen in a similar poll conducted toward the end of 2021.

with the top reasons for the purchases including investment, protection from inflation and the avoidance of government controls.

Despite all that, I didn't see much of it when I was there, and I kept wondering why it still seemed a bit obscure. If there ever was a use case for adoption of crypto by the masses, it's Argentina in 2023, and the fact that it isn't everywhere holds important lessons for the industry.

Unlike those mysterious "cuevas"(黑市) for the hard to find fiat, Zocaro said that crypto was completely legal in Argentina. Some provinces, such as Mendoza, have adopted measures that let people pay taxes in crypto, he said, adding that Argentines tended to prefer bitcoin, ether and stablecoins.

阿根廷购买和使用加密货币是合法的,一些省份鼓励pay taxes in crypto

More than 30% of small, retail-sized crypto transaction volume comes from the sale of stablecoins, according to Chainalysis. That's compared to 26% in Brazil and 18% in Mexico.

As helpful as crypto could be to Argentines looking to transfer funds and protect their savings, mainstream adoption may be suffering because of a lot of the hyperbole that surrounds it. And all the volatility doesn't help, either.

the founder of Buenos Aires-based tour agency Lunfarda Travel, has been willing to accept crypto for over a year, but she said no one has yet to try. She said that there had still not been widespread adoption of cryptocurrency because many people in the country don't have the technical literacy needed to really use it.

"People who are using crypto are from the upper middle classes," she said. "They have access to information and foreign currency." And while Argentines are used to volatility, the crypto ups and downs have scared many people away as they seek out stability to preserve their savings.

Still, Radisic Koliren thinks crypto will ultimately help the country. "It's a technology that is going to liberate us from the banks. In Argentina, the banking system is nefarious, and we've already seen the banks in the past walk away with all our money," she said. "So while there isn't a lot of confidence in crypto, there is a huge mistrust in the banks that is justified. I view crypto as a way to carry out international transactions without paying ridiculous fees and to manage my money without having to ask permission."

"I'd like people to pay me in crypto so that I wouldn't have to pay the banks or PayPal money that is mine, from my work," she said, adding that she had a wallet with MetaMask ready to go to receive payments. If receiving payments in crypto, she said she'd prefer to receive stablecoins.




"We're living in system that is very unsafe and unstable, and we're looking for monetary security," she said, adding that she has savings in bitcoin and ether. "Right now, crypto isn't able to provide that."

Binance Cafe in Buenos Aires










1.Get a wallet
Send a SMS to a phone number(decentralized and open source).
You will get a Contract wallet address and a default public guardian(Public service).
2.Buy Crypto and Deposite
I don't know how to buy crypto? MoonPay?
3.Spend Crypto
Use your mobile or Email(is also your crypto account, but if lost can be change by guardian)
Send sms to a decentralized mobile server(different country, different guy run a server)
send: p 2.3u 1388888888
get: 74J2a0
target mobile: r 2.3u 13777777 74J2a0
4.Swap Real Asset
13777777(owning rice) swap some rice with 13888888(pay with crypto)
1>in-person swap(with price bargaining) and pay by crypto 
2>13888888 send: p 35a 13777777
get: 4Ad907
3>r 35a 138888888 4Ad907
5.Mint your Asset/Deposite Asset

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