Textverse Upgrade to 0.2

Textverse Upgrade to 0.2

  • 今天晚上开心的没有会议,可以整理点东西!
  • Old version is here: Textverse.org.


Fuck the fucking network!

npm i docsify-cli -g
npm install --registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org docsify-cli -g
npm cache clean --force
npm config set registry https://registry.npm.taobao.org
npm i docsify-cli -g

Run many times...

See Textverse.org later, it will be changed...

2>Textverse MVV 0.2:

We upgrade the MVV(Mission, Vision, Value) from an engineer's view(V0.1) to a builder's angle(V0.2).

M: Build Social Experiment Public Goods.

V: Be a place for Crypto Age's Idealist to stay!

V: Words Unleash the Creative Power!


0.Publish a basic DApp framework first.

1.Running the demo: New way live in community: a social experiment in-game!

2.Improve the framework for Public goods for Community, Open source!

3.Upgrade the product on Composability and Interoperability with the community's story and system!

4>Phase 1(Publish)be dividend into 4 milestone.

1>Components define and develop.

2>Assemble the parts into the system.

3>Build a simple Crowed Creating system.

4>Demo: Inject the story and mechanism of COST(Common Ownership Self-assessed Tax).


5>Solution for Phase1 and milestones

  • We build just for single Community version in phase 1.


See here: Parts Miro link

  • Save data on chain and load from chain.

1.Identify who you are.


2.Store what you have done and get.

SoulWallet, SBT(Akira), IPFS, Layer2

3.Upgrade the level of your role.

Akira, new EIP, Community Transport

  • Load your role and content from chain play in the park.

1.Load data(role, content) from chain.

2.load setting(content) from IPFS.

3.Parser op code and operate the object and save on chain or IPFS.

CCF(Crowed Creating Framework)
  • Load and set and preview data(settings and content) from IPFS or chain.

1.It run separately from engine or binding with engine.

2.It will load quick template from on-chain data or IPFS.

3.It will support create and record then retrospect with interaction data or votings by actions.


  • We considered that the whole project should divide into 4 parts on user case angle: Play, Config, Create, Core. 截屏2022-10-16 17.18.32.png

Community members play through the web interface or client, this scenario facing the users' interaction and show.


Wizard or engineer will config the settings and content from a web interface or client, and preview something maybe.


Community will run this docker image independently, which will maintain and upgrade by core team, support APIs for above.


The content creator or artist or social idealist will play on this garden, they will have their cooperation mode and interface.


Not the Objects in the Game, but the Objects Cross the Game.

Different scenarios, Different roles(objects).

User: Wallet address(recommend contract wallet like SoulWallet), Role NFT address(1:n), SBTs(1NFT:nSBTs), jifens(structure attributes of SBT), Chain Account(binding relation of wallet address and chainId)

Quest: vId(GameId), QuestId, progress(structure data)

Attributes: random attributes and points to be add.

Assets: Personal private assets and COST assets(to be discussed).

Reputation:A dynamic value by computing, eventId records(community create many events), reputation mark

Relations: A network or a graph, to be discussed.

Game Objects

It depends on the LPC and the Mud Lib's setting, we will wrap the raw objects in the Game to be a manageable Objects.


See here: Parts Miro link

Business Flow

User-->Role-->Quest-->Action-->Check-->Hints-->Action-->Check-->Loop-->Fulfill the NodeX

------->QuestA Node1------->QuestA NodeX-------->QuestA close-------->Bonus.

See the graph:

3>Flow and Tech

See here: Parts Miro link

Data Flow
Interaction Flow
Tech detail


See here: Parts Miro link

A map produced by RPG Maker.

A small country named Tuda, and a small city named CatTail, has 3 towns: BlueR, Param and Bug.

Tuda has been invaded by Aliens and has time to defend themself using Happiness.

So you must improve the town's Happiness, then defeat the Aliens.


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