About Poap.cz

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About Poap.cz


  • -- record your DeGen life! 中文README
  • Proof of Attendance Protocol.
  • Yes, we have poap.xyz already. I admire it and have use it to distribute an NFT for DAPP Learning DAO's activity.
  • But, It is very complex even for an experienced expert for the first time. Actually, I used two hours to finish it.
  • To be honest, poap.xyz give me too many choices like a foreigner ordering dishes in a Chinese restaurant.

Problems and Answers

  • Complex to use ==> Build a 3 step poap.cz ==> Make everyone can easy to pushlish poap~!
  • Can't be invoke ==> Build for Programmer ==> APIs to embed into your systems


  • M1: wireframe design
  • M2: ability and interaction discuss
  • M3: contract design
  • M4: frontend and backend design
  • M5: V0.01 publish

+ The following is the content of the plan, under construction.


Tech Stack

  • Stored with Arweave or IFPS, plus AWS storage with ssd disk.
  • Basically we deployed the contract on Ethereum and Polygon, we will deploy multichain.
  • Node module provide


  • Free for DeGen(decentralized generation), if you have any token to pay gas fee, we are free.
  • Provide 3 steps building and direct link to send and get the poap badge.

Trigger of this

  • ECN friend wants us to give a hand to make 500 NFTs spreading automatons.
  • She failed to learn the tools we advised, with the replacement of handing one by one to 500 addresses!
  • Sensorly, I think there is something wrong and some opportunities to improve it.

On-road plan

  • Security: send to the destination group address, anti bots.
  • Simple: one page, three steps to build and spread.
  • Fast: depends on community's preparation, with PoapSX services, mostly in 3 minutes.
  • Discord-bot: security lottery and raffle with accumulating the activities of accounts
  • Node module: embed into your code and your system with our power abilities.
  • Chrome extension: support one click to build on-page and delivery at once to the same extension installed.
  • Smart-Contract: with no-transaction signature to PoapSX Smart contract, more services enjoy!
  • Chat-anonymous: Yes! we have selections:chat.blockscan.com or with our Chrome extension: ChatSX.
  • Embed-permanently: We bind a wallet address with a discord account to service silently.

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